Dear brothers and sisters!

I bring to your attention a photo report on the work done two weeks ago on church land.

• The entrance has been expanded, allowing safe and comfortable entry and exit from the site.Cement pipes, soil, and crushed stone were used.

• Paved a road of rubble up to the middle of the site.A road made of rubble makes it possible to drive freely by car and park in any weather.Two cars of crushed stone of 20 tons were bought for $540 each.We will need three more cars to continue the road to the gazebo, where the services are held.

• Cement pipes were purchased, delivered, and installed.With the help of cement pipes, we expanded the entrance and exit and paved the road through the gutter to the future garage – workshop. We also plan to lay pipes to enter the forest.We have prepared the land for the future garage workshop.

• We marked out the perimeter and dug a trench for pouring concrete.Having a garage workshop, the parish will have the opportunity to store a tractor and auxiliary equipment and use the garage as a craft workshop to earn money for the needs and development of parish projects.

• For future work on preparing the foundation for the garage, we need to purchase reinforcement to strengthen the cement.

Christ, save all those who have spent their time, strength, and money to work for Your glory!

Friends, thanks to the close-knit parish support (prayer, financial, physical), church projects are developing and ensuring the future of our community. Only through joint parish efforts will we realize them!

In Christ,
Fr. Sergiy

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