Dear Brothers and Sisters,

You can always invite a priest to home, to a hospital, to a nursing home for unction, confession, communion both for yourself and for your relatives, people close to you and the sick who are unable to come to church, as well as:

• Organize a meeting at the cemetery on special memorial days for the performance of a Panikhida.
• Organize a priest’s visit to the funeral home for the funeral service.

A priest can perform church sacraments:

1. The Sacrament of the Baptism.
2. The Sacrament of the Wedding.
3. The Sacrament of the Unction (Soborovanie).
4. The Sacrament of the Confession.

And serve trebs:

1. Funeral service.
2. Panikhida.
3. Moleben.
4. Blessing of homes and cars.

There is no charge for any sacrament or church service; however, it is customary to make charitable donations to the serving clergy in gratitude for the extra time and effort they put into performing additional services.

Examples of proposals are:

1. Baptism – recommended donation from $250.
2. Wedding – recommended donation from $250.
3. Funeral services – recommended donation from $250.
4. Moleben and Panikhida – recommended donation from $25.
5. Blessing of homes and cars – recommended donation from $150.
6. Unction at home – recommended donation from $150.
7. Confession and Communion at home – recommended donation from $150.

These examples should not be interpreted as a “price list” or as defining or limiting your contribution.
Make a voluntary donation according to how God has blessed you.

For all questions, you can personally contact the rector, Father Sergiy.

Contact information:

• Phone: (757)515-8442
• Email address:

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