Sketch of the project of our church

Dear brothers and sisters,
Our parish needs your financial support.

We are doing a lot of work on the acquisition and registration of land and the construction of a wooden Church. For this purpose, we have secured a Bank loan,which puts us under serious responsibilities. I humbly ask you to provide us with all possible assistance.
Our temple will be a spiritual harbor for those who seek fulfillment for their religious life, a cultural center for those who share the traditions of their ever-memorable ancestors, and the temple will undoubtedly become a unique architectural decoration of Hampton roads. Such a project can only be possible if all devoted Orthodox believers join together in their supporting efforts.
Let us remember that the Church always prays for the builders, benefactors and donors of churches. The Lord accepts our donations and blesses us, and through us, our families.
The Holy fathers teach us: “he who Creates a man-made house of God on Earth creates a man-made house in heaven.”
In our most difficult moments, we all come to the Church, approach the Holy icons, light candles, pray for the departed, and ask the Lord for help. The construction of temples has long been considered the greatest virtue. Churches have always been built by the whole world. This is a Holy cause. So let us also leave our mark on this earth: we will build a Treasury for the salvation of the immortal soul and leave our children the opportunity to remember us with dignity. I cordially urge you to unite in this difficult, important and valuable task of building our temple.

I wish you the help of our Lord Jesus Christ in your God-pleasing deeds.
Rector priest Sergey Kosov

Ways to make a donation:

  • Write a check to St. Joseph of Optina Russian Orthodox Church.
  • Send it to:PO Box 64476 Virginia Beach, VA 23467
  •  PayPal :