Baptism is the mystery of starting anew, of dying to an old way of life and being born again
into a new way of life, in Christ. In the Orthodox Church, baptism is "for the remission of sins" (cf.
The Nicene Creed and for entrance into the Church; the person being baptized is cleansed of all sins
and is united to Christ; through the waters of baptism he or she is mysteriously crucified and buried
with Christ, and is raised with him to newness of life, having "put on" Christ (that is, having been
clothed in Christ). The cleansing of sins includes the washing away of the ancestral sin.


    Name of Person to be Baptized/Chrismated

    Place of birth


    Date of birth

    Date of Baptism

    Fathers Name

    Fathers Religion

    Mothers Name

    Mothers Religion

    Address of person to be baptized or, if a child, address of parents




    The Godmother

    By Whom Baptized

    Name to be taken at Baptism

    **Please provide the following: 2 towels, cross, candle and a change of clothes (white).

    There is no charge for any sacrament or church service; however, it is customary to make charitable donations to the serving clergy in gratitude for the extra time and effort they put into performing additional services.

    An example sentence is:

    • Baptism – recommended donation from $250.

    This example should not be interpreted as a “price list” or as defining or limiting your contribution.
    Make a voluntary donation according to how God has blessed you.

    Donate baptism:

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