Easter Picnic



Dear brothers and sisters!

I want to express my deepest gratitude to everyone who made our Easter picnic unforgettable.
Thank you to:
Those who prepared the delicious shashlik: for your skill and generosity! Your shashlik was simply amazing.
Thank you to those who brought their delicious dishes—for your care and effort! All the treats were tasty and varied.
Those who brought a trampoline for the children and devised an entertainment program: thank you for giving our children so much joy and fun.
Those who entertained us with their violin and guitar performances: for your creativity and heartfelt playing
Thanks to you, this holiday was an actual event
The bright colors of this day, delicious food, fun games, and heartfelt songs will forever remain in our hearts.
May the light and warmth of this holiday always reign in our souls.
The atmosphere at the picnic was simply fantastic! Everyone was so friendly and cheerful that the holiday was heartfelt.
Thank you all again!

Fr. Sergiy

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